Meet the Characters

Casey McKay
(Eric Close)

A tenacious lawyer who fights for what is right no matter the cost. He arrived in Cherokee Hills when his ex-wife asked him to defend her no-good brother from the charge of murder. A modern-day cowboy, Casey, treats everyone fairly but when cornered is not afraid to dispense Texas-style justice.







Prudence "Pru" Chambers
(Tanya Clarke)

Sister to murder-defendant Jay Chambers, Pru knows the only chance her brother has is if he’s defended by her ex-husband Casey McKay.








Mr. Gates
(Tommy Flanagan)

A cold-hearted crime boss without a moral compass, Mr. Gates “owns” the town of Cherokee Hills. His money affords him anything and everything he wants, but when his power is threatened, he will stop at nothing to restore his rule of tyranny.









Solomon "Ex" Clemons
(Nick Searcy)

Ex-marine, ex-bounty hunter, ex-private investigator and ex-boxer, Ex is a jack-of-all-trades. He is a bit of a rebel, a throwback to another time. Losing his mother to gambling when he was younger, Ex wants nothing more than to foil Mr. Gates’ plans to build a dog track in Cherokee Hills.








Jay Chambers
(Kevin Sizemore)

In and out of trouble his whole life, Jay tries to do the honorable thing, but his gesture is met with betrayal and threats, which throw him deeper into a web of deceit that will ensnare him for years.






Kit Chambers
(Christian James)

Jay Chambers’ son, Kit’s life has not been easy with his father in and out of prison. He has always chosen the right path, but this time he may have to pay for the sins of his father.








Ben Wingright
(Gregory Alan Williams)

Called out of retirement to be the special prosecutor after the D.A. is murdered, Ben is a strong courtroom adversary for Casey and a well-respected member of the community.








(Mark Ashworth)

He is Mr. Gates’ chief enforcer. He is a rat who enjoys the power of his position.








(Kristopher Wente)

He is a member of Mr. Gates’ crew of thugs, but he is more of a loner and standoffish.








(Gunner Willis)

The janitor at the courthouse, Dusty finds himself in the middle of the most important case in the history of Cherokee Hills.